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We are students, faculty, university staff, international guests, and community members linked by faith and committed to academic life. End fo story

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We are a Reconciling in Christ Community

No matter your economic situation, political persuasion, marital status, gender identity, physical ability, ethnic background, or sexual orientation – you are welcome here. "All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place!"

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Luther House is located near the OSU campus at 211 NW 23rd Street. The office phone number is 541.753.5213 and is generally open Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm, and often on Sundays too.

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GRACEnotes, November 16

I've been listening and watching a lot recently. I know there's a lot of unrest following last week's elections. Maybe you've felt it yourself? Whether satisfied or saddened by the outcome of those elections, we do well to pray for our new leaders, give appreciation to those whose lives are dedicated to public service, and work ever-more-diligently for the kind of country, state, and municipality we most desire. Finding constructive ways to talk with one another, esecially in times of disagreement, is a huge (but not impossible) challenge.

Please remember, Luther House is a safe place for you and your friends. We've always welcome people with various perspectives to gather, talk, pray, and collaborate in Christ's name. We always will.

If and when you need to talk, find a quiet place to be with your thoughts, seek a place of refuge, or sort things out with others who care, Luther House is youre place. Contact us at 541-753-5213 or if we can be of further help.

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Lutheran Campus Ministry at Oregon State University

The name of the OSU-recognized student organization is called Lutheran Campus Ministry at OSU. It's one of many religious groups on campus that, together, form the Spiritual Life at OSU organization. LCM welcomes all students to participate in activities, programs, social events and service projects sponsored by the organization. It's governed by a Student Leadership Team. The SLT meets monthly, usually on Thursday evenings, to plan activities. LCM is part of the national Lutheran Student Movement organization LSM-USA.