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Pastor Jim

The Jim Norlie Campus Engagement Fund

With last summer's passing of Jim Norlie, our beloved Campus Pastor Emeritus, we lost a cherished partner of this ministry way too soon.  But Pastor Jim left behind a tremendous legacy of campus engagement which still lives on.... To read more, please visit this page.

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We are a Reconciling in Christ Community

No matter your economic situation, political persuasion, marital status, gender identity, physical ability, ethnic background, or sexual orientation – you are welcome here. "All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place!"

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Our Location

Luther House is located near the OSU campus at 211 NW 23rd Street. The office phone number is 541.753.5213. Stop by the house for a cup of coffee, tea or treat.  Luther House is a great place to enjoy conversation, relax, take a nap or study.

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Pastor Mike

Arrives & Acts

These two verbs capture how Jews and Christians know God.  God arrives and God acts to raise people up.

It's a bold vision.

God arrived in Moses to free Israel from slavery in Egypt.  God arrived and acted in Jesus to befriend the friendless, to lift up those who were counted as last, least, and lost.

God arrives and acts in us at Luther House Campus Ministry as we seek to follow in the way of Jesus.  God sends the Spirit to move us to form strong bonds of friendship, to help each other discover and name our gifts, to walk confidently with the knowledge of who we are in the world and who we are to God.

At Luther House we believe God still arrives and acts.  It's the motto of our ministry to the OSU campus communty: God is still freeing, healing, comforting, leading.

Dare to believe it! Dare to join us in living it!

Pastor Mike

This is Luther House


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Lutheran Campus Ministry at Oregon State University

The name of the OSU-recognized student organization is called Lutheran Campus Ministry at OSU. It's one of many religious groups on campus that, together, form the Spiritual Life at OSU organization. LCM welcomes all students to participate in activities, programs, social events and service projects sponsored by the organization. It's governed by a Student Leadership Team. The SLT meets monthly, usually on Thursday evenings, to plan activities. LCM is part of the national Lutheran Student Movement organization LSM-USA.