The Luminary

What We Do and Why It’s Important: A Theological Framework for Lutheran Campus Ministry in the ELCA

Free Scholars’ Press

Writings by faculty to stimulate theological reflection and interesting conversation. Any of the following papers can be ordered by contacting the Luther House office.

  • Faith and Physics: Rumors of Transcendence
    • OSU Professor Emeritus Al Stetz
  • The Origins of the Devil
    • OSU Professor Emeritus Al Stetz
  • In the System but not of it: Spirit Lessons from American Slavery
    • OSU Professor Emeritus David Bella
  • Cultural Disintigration- Civilizational Decline: Where can we Turn but to Politics and Poetry?
    • OSU Professor Emeritus Richard Clinton
  • Scripture, Homosexuality, and the Christian View of Being Human
    • Episcopal Campus Chaplain Jon Goman
  • An Evening with Vincent and Flannery
    • LBCC Instructor Emeritus Art Bervin